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October 11, 2020
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Yanet Oviedo

(Havana, 1990)
Graduated in Art History from the University of Havana. He has studied in different photography workshops including the 5th Digital Photography Workshop at the Office of the Historian of Havana (2015), the FOTOFEST INTERNATIONAL Workshop 2017 and the Summer Workshop of the Fototeca de Cuba (2018). Her recent solo show include El silencio de la duda and Sustitutos (bipersonal), held in Mexico. She has participated in various group exhibitions from 2015 to the present. Collaborator in Ciudad Generosa. Fourth Pragmatic, Artistic project by René Francisco Rodríguez. 11th Havana Biennial. (2012). She has also served as Curator and Art Critic. Producer of the 13th Havana Biennial. (2019); Member of the Award Jury of the XXI Hall of the City by the Fototeca de Cuba CPAPD (2016) and Member of the Award Jury of the Provincial Hall of Plastic Arts Fernández Morera, Sancti Spíritus by the National Council of Plastic Arts. In her career as an artist, she works at the Wifredo Lam Contemporary Art Center and is part of the team of curators of the 14th Havana Biennial.

"Few see what we are, but all see what we pretend"
(Nicolas Maquiavelo)

project description

Objetos fuera de casa


Someone once claimed that if error is opposed to truth, appearance is opposed to reality. What happens then when art, from its mechanisms of manipulation and seduction, is capable of creating an appearance that supplants and puts in crisis the values of said reality? In my work I start from the simulacrum as a resource or modus operandi to manipulate certain elements associated with our individual or collective memory, many times from a process of fragmentation or accumulation, which allows me to unpin them and mutate them towards a double aestheticized nature in whose utopia and Persuasive speech could hide a desire, a deprivation or the key to a true essence.

Abanico, 2019 © Yanet Oviedo
Adorno, 2019 © Yanet Oviedo
Balancín, 2019 © Yanet Oviedo
Percha, 2019 © Yanet Oviedo
Butacones, 2019 © Yanet Oviedo
project presentation

This is the concept


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