Alain Cabrera
July 31, 2020

Toshiyuki Shinohara


He studied photography at Osaka Art College.

Later he joined to open Tokyo Photography Culture Center. He introduced any foreign photographers to Japan at TPCC. 2004, he began gallery “Roonee 247 photography “ with Kanako Sugimori at Yotsuya Shinjuku. 2017, moved to Nihonbashi, changed the name of gallery “ Roonee 247 fine arts “ and expanded the genre of works (not only photo). He teaches at Kyoto Art College.

Photography is a clue to getting to know you better and is a medium that allows you to be interested in indifference.
(Toshiyuki Shinohara)


Look at the current presentation of photography in Japan.


In Japan, where camera production is thriving, the layer of artistic expression using photographs has been thick for a long time, and the expression is also rich in many variations. Similar to Europe, which has a long history and the birthplace of photography, around the 20th century, an artistic approach using a camera was tried, and it was caused by Stieglitz and Moholy-Nagy in the era of pictorialism. A similar art movement took place in Japan at the same time as the art movement. I mainly coordinate exhibitions from Japanese masterpiece class photographers to up-and-coming artists, but this time I mainly introduced artists that people in the world may not be familiar with. Tokyo is a very exciting city with over 80 photo galleries, most of which are replaced on a weekly basis. Please come visit us for a photo watch tour.