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October 12, 2020
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October 12, 2020

Sadiel Mederos

(Santa Clara, 1985)
Bachelor of Journalism with a Gold Degree (2009) and professor (2009-2015) at the Central University “Marta Abreu” of Las Villas, Cuba. Photojournalist for CMHW Station and Vanguardia newspaper, collaborator of Juventud Rebelde and Granma (2015-2019). Individual exhibitions in Trinidad, 2018 (part of the Photographic November event, organized by Fototeca de Cuba) and Havana City, 2019 (collateral program of the XIII Havana Biennial, organized by the National Center for the Development of Visual Arts). Group exhibitions in 2019 at the Zaragoza Museum and the Spectrum Sotos Gallery, Spain. Currently, he is the editorial chief of Photography for El Toque and a contributor to other independent Cuban media such as Periodismo de Barrio, Tremenda Nota and Yucabyte, as well as foreign media such as the Argentine newspaper Clarín and the Swedish magazine Arbetet. Winner of the International Journalistic Contest DMA2020, “The power of stories”, organized by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), genre Photography.

"I look directly at the human spirit,
with its unfathomable black and white."
(Sadiel Mederos)

project description



The series Islas goes beyond the geography of the body. It is the personification of a place: the embodiment of a plain-mountain-abyss tied to a life experience. Places-experiences perspired by the body in its isolation. Evocation of uprooting. Personal history of self-recognition and fragmentation.

Reconocimiento, 2017 © Sadiel Mederos
Quebrada. Camino a Safía 2017 © Sadiel Mederos
Territorio privado, 2017 © Sadiel Mederos
Senda de regreso, 2017 © Sadiel Mederos
Sima, 2017 © Sadiel Mederos
Aquí nací, 2015 © Sadiel Mederos
Isla, 2015 © Sadiel Mederos
Pleamar, 2017 © Sadiel Mederos
Premonición del final, 2017 © Sadiel Mederos
Puente natural, 2017 © Sadiel Mederos
Zona franca, 2017 © Sadiel Mederos
Límites, 2017 © Sadiel Mederos
project presentation

This is the concept

"Islas is a story. It is the geological evolution of the body and its experiences marked on the skin. It is not the footprint left in a place but the footprint of the place tattooed on the soul of any island creature, with no other horizon than the sea that surrounds its own cage. The prison-island is exterior and interior. Aromas, longings, people, sadness and torments that were trapped or summed up in a stumble at the brink of an abyss or in the humidity of a marsh, in the saltpeter of the high tide. Islas is the mark, the stigma of a country. Islas is the trail of the past and future’s rugged relief."