“I return to my home”
April 29, 2021
“Pulmon de Aires”
May 3, 2021

Franco Martelli Rossi
italian photographer
presents his project

" I believe that each photographer establishes a particular and personal relationship with the camera.
I like to remember Mario Giacomelli who told that ho bought his first camera the day before Christmas in 1953 without knowing anything about photography “the day after, Giacomelli remembers, I went to the seaside and I tried to take some pictures: what I wanted to photograph was preceded by a reasoning. I thought il a move the camera and I managed to walk with the wave I will be able to see the sand moving and the wave will be motionless, in other words I changed the order of the things. Obviously I didn’t know what could come out of it, I brought the roll to be developed and after having seeing the strip test I thought that with this tool I could watch inside myself, I wasn’t photographing things in front of me but I was enquiring into my inner reality”.
I really feel in tune with these words from Mario Giacomelli. I also think that photography allows tangible things that are in front of me to communicate with my inner reality. Objects became thoughts and memories playfull illusions.
In this way, a tiny detail of a street floor can became a childish mountain landscape.
And some little party flags transform themselves into rays of light that are formed by the circles of a drawn casually sun. And more, the silhouette of fake birds on plexiglass fly on a background that is at the same time suerreal and true.
And so on.

Music: Now 8 Angel (Nathan O. Wills)