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Michele Molinari

(Mantua, 1960)
Michele Molinari is a visual artist, writer, photographer and journalist. Based in Milan, he works for several years as freelance journalist and photographer for the biggest Italian life style and travel magazines. He lately moves to New York City (1997-2005). From the US he corresponds for the Italian press as journalist and photographer, taking care of events, life style, travels. He'll eventually publish a chronicles collection, Nella Pancia Della Bestia (III ed. 2020), on NYC life experience. In Buenos Aires, Argentina, (2005-2012) he mainly works on visual art and photography. Pulmon de Aires, a video, is the first project on the city. Moves back to Italy in 2012. Buenos Aires (2019) and CABA (2020) are photobooks of non-iconic images about Argentine capital. They both share the author's fascination for architecture and light, the latter also for people. Sono Andato a Sbattere (2018), And Then It Hit Me (English version, 2020) is a short novel on resilience and how to turn traumas into opportunities; inspired by a true story. You can also follow him on Twitter and Instagram as @micmol and

“I know I don't know"

project description

Pulmon de Aires


Banality is in the eyes of the beholder. With constancy through repetition, Pulmón de Aires lays sight on ordinary, untill obvious gives way to a newly discovered reality made of multiple identities. The dull cement changes color, comes to life and substitutes the gray, in the same way the sky acquires a palette of unexpected hence never trivial tones. More than 500 images have been shot over a 12 months period using a digital camera and a tripod. The photography serie selects 14. There's something extraordinary in every underestimated and neglected place, just look for it.

003, 2006 © Michele Molinari
019, 2006 © Michele Molinari
024, 2006 © Michele Molinari
026, 2006 © Michele Molinari
058, 2006 © Michele Molinari
073, 2006 © Michele Molinari
084, 2006 © Michele Molinari
088, 2006 © Michele Molinari
103, 2006 © Michele Molinari
106, 2006 © Michele Molinari
117, 2006 © Michele Molinari
143, 2006 © Michele Molinari
154, 2006 © Michele Molinari
159, 2006 © Michele Molinari
project presentation

This is the concept

"Hello everyone, saludos a todos, minaà kon'nichiwa, I'm Michele Molinari and I participate to the International Photo Project with the project Pulmon de Aires. The series of photographs presented is a selection of a much larger body, about 500 images, taken in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, with a digital camera mounted on a tripod kept in the same spot for 12 months. All the images reproduce the same subject: buildings in the courtyard, the pulmon, and the sky. What changes, with the flow of time and seasons, are the light and colors of the sky and the buildings, the weather, and the lives of the invisible inhabitants perceived through the lights in the windows, on or off, or the shutters, open or closed. The images were shot in RAW and the editing was limited to the essential. Colors have not been altered. Through constancy and repetition, the project Pulmon de Aires focuses on an ordinary subject until it turns the banality of everyday life into a complex and almost unexpected identity. These photographs are the memory that escapes us, when we look at the same subject on a regular basis over a long period of time, we are often unable to capture the change. "

project presentation

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