“Out of the Easy”
May 3, 2021
“Collage Habana”
May 3, 2021

Gaia Magoni
italian photographer
presents her project
"Meriggiare pallido"

"Hello everyone, I'm Gaia Magoni, I'm an architect and I want to talk about the techniques used to create the photographic project "Meriggiare Pallido". As written in the presentation of the project, the images are characterized by subtle, desaturated colors, obtained by increasing the exposure times. In some cases, I have also employed neutral density filters to limit or eliminate human presence. Furthermore, some images are deliberately out of focus, suspended in their imperfect being. All images are digital, taken with a medium format camera and using a moderate wide angle, a 35mm; they were taken in the last weeks of September, around 1 pm, on days characterized by a pale sun, with diffused light and no contrasts. The images thus obtained are inspired by expressive modes typical of other representation techniques (painting, watercolor), so as to create contaminations and are part of my personal research on the possibilities offered by the photographic medium. I hope you will be interested in my work. Thank you all."