“I am ready to dream a dream with her”
April 25, 2021

yachiyo ENOMOTO
japanese photographer
presents her project
"Lucid dream"

"Nice to meet you. I'm Yachiyo ENOMOTO, a photographer. I'd like to thank you for watching this video.  This work uses what is known as a Cheki camera in Japan. Yes, it's an instant photo camera. When you take the picture, the film comes out and is developed like this simultaneously . I don't actually use this camera body. I use this film(instax film) only. In the darkroom, I take out only this film from the film folder, and I develop the film in my own way. The actual size is this, so small. The reason why that I didn’t using this camera in this work, I was very interested in the uniqueness of this instant photo that cannot be duplicated. There is only one copy of this one cut. This is the antithesis of "photography is an art of reproduction”, On the other hand, I thought it was a symbolic of photography to "contain time" as a record. That's why I wanted to make my work with this medium. I also managed to contain in this film the unformed thoughts of my consciousness. I can't shoot with lens that I feel regret I can't take pictures of my future happy memories with my son anymore, and I also feel that my current daily life is fleeting and vain. That's why I wanted to express them in this film. My journey with photography continues. I hope to see you all again."