“I am ready to dream a dream with her”
April 25, 2021
May 3, 2021

japanese photographer
presents her project
"I return to my home"

"Hello, I am Erico. Today I would like to talk about the concept of my work. Everyone sees the world through filters of various information in the brain such as their own memories and emotions. Even a plain landscape can look very beautiful or lonely to some people. In other words, I think that the world I see represents not only what I see, but actually myself. I want to visualize the world I see, so I use various methods to shoot. In this project, I shot with a kaleidoscope I made. The reason why it is a kaleidoscope is that when I looked into the kaleidoscope for the first time in a while, I remembered that I used to like kaleidoscope when I was a child, and at the same time, what happened when I was a child and the emotions I felt at that time. Has also come back. At that time, I felt that the kaleidoscope had the power to awaken the memories and emotions that were sleeping in each viewer and to project the inside of himself. For that reason, I used a kaleidoscope to photograph the visible world. The works lined up here are the sights I saw through the kaleidoscope, and there may be something that overlaps with your memories and feelings of seeing my work. It would be great if you could feel that there is a beautiful piece that shines brilliantly in the world around you, and in yourself who sees this work, and that it makes you up now. Please take a look. "