“Lucid dream”
April 25, 2021
“I return to my home”
April 29, 2021

Michiko Chiyoda
japanese photographer
presents her project
"I am ready to dream a dream with her"

"Hello, I am Michiko Chiyoda. I am very happy that I can introduce my latest work. It is ‘the’ story of my friend and myself. She was a Christian living in Hiroshima and an artist of creating beautiful flowers from fabric. Four years ago, I took a role of a photographer to document her work. The theme of her work was “prayer.” At that time, she was fighting her illness, but she still managed to continue with her work, and was always in calm and peace. I was so moved by that. It was because of the prayer in the core of her mind, I believed. I asked her what prayer meant to you. Her answer was “Prayer means dialogue with God, and my flowers embody it.” I visited Nagatsuka Monastery in Hiroshima which she was associated with, to touch where her belief came from. And I have to say that I could just find it hard for me. But when I came to feel my intention to keep creating works with her, no matter what the consequence of her illness, one thing came clear to me was that I could keep it as a dream. The pictures here were taken at the Monastery. I added them some technical arrangements for realizing my impression of the holy place. I'm so glad that you appreciate this work. Thank you very much"

Music: Atelier Amacha