“The Pursuit of Happiness”
May 3, 2021
Tie the cherry blossom
May 5, 2021

Natasha Forcade
cuban photographer
presents her project

"The Cuban, the Cuban from Havana, who has from all over Cuba and almost from all over the world is an extremely complex being. We cannot understand it without approaching its history, what defines it, without analyzing its labyrinths. Those paths that mark how the life of the Cuban who lives in Cuba is constantly subordinated to the historical, cultural and architectural heritage of the island. In the constant search to understand it, the idea for the HavanaSoy project and the Pinchando series was born. HavanaSoy has several parts, first I prepare questions that will help me understand the person, then in a casual interview, a personal conversation, where I let the individual surface their emotions, I discover that they marked their actions and why today they look like this. At that time I take photos and videos of them, trying to capture the moment that they are no longer in front of me, but in that space that human beings can travel with our minds, that can squeeze our hearts or question our existence. They can also bring smiles, but like a good Cuban there are cracks everywhere. Then I ask them for everything they want, what identifies them, everything they keep as valuables to remember and rethink. There the second photo emerges. A symbolism in faces and objects without order that sometimes annoy, sometimes distract and in the best of cases make worthy emotions emerge. In Pinchando I go out to understand that environment. To understand why so much laughter, so much joy, why that pride that grows. I try to understand where our wisdom, our value, is hidden. I let the streets, walls and ceilings attack me, tell me stories. I want to understand why we are 100 percent adaptable to any part of the world. I go wildly breathing, deeply, the ordinary Cuban. "

music: Cuba Linda