“Meriggiare pallido”
May 3, 2021
“The Pursuit of Happiness”
May 3, 2021

Claudia Corrales
cuban photographer
presents her project
"Collage Habana"

"I am a plastic artist and I work mostly in photography, but also in video. I reside in Havana, Cuba. The series that I present in this project is titled "Collage Habana" and it is an essay about the city, but also about the people who inhabit it. This time the subject is omitted, the images do not have a physical presence but do have the impact that people create in our environment. From my position as a social communicator, which was the career I studied at the University before dedicating myself to photography, I have always been interested in studying idiosyncrasy, people's culture, tastes, and this series is one more tool for that study socio-cultural or also sociological of the inhabitants of Havana. The work starts from the investigation, from the colors that people choose to decorate their facades and the different ornamental motifs that may be common for a Cuban but not for the general public. It is actually an identity element of our culture, that is why it springs to my attention and that is why I develop it. A series that is currently under construction and has more than 120 images. It is a project that I do not want to close because there is always the possibility of finding new equally interesting scenes and continuing to expand this study. Thanks a lot."