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January 7, 2021
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January 9, 2021

Angela Di Finizio

(Naples, 1965)
She works with photography as a refined instrument of exploration of reality. Her narrative draws inspiration from art and the world of cinema but focuses in particular on the creative interaction of text and image. Exploring a wide range of subjects in which he investigates premonitions of humanity including the abstract and the inanimate, the chromatic elements reinforce the aesthetic by creating a personal geography of places and figures. Her works have been exhibited in Tokyo, Rome, London, Basel, New York, Havana, Zurich, Miami and have received honourable mentions from International Color Awards, FAPA Fine Art Photography Award, IPA Int'l Photo Award, 3PX Prix de la Photographie Paris, Tifa Tokyo International Foto Award and published in art and photography magazines. Angela is involved in the long-term project "Watermark" in Venice and other series around the world.

“I photographed to never stop looking."
(Daniel Pennac)

project description

Out of the Easy


A secret place. it is all about nuance, possibility within some boundaries, ambivalence, charm. America of Out of the Easy is influenced by Truman Capote’s writings. New Orleans is the secret place where he was born and Brooklyn in New York the one of choice. They are opposite and specular places that come together to a rich and surreal fascination. An utterly sentimental exploration in which photography also tries to preserve detail of what may appear irrelevant and non functional as the writing does because both deal with a knowledge that escapes time.

Loews State, 2018 © Angela Di Finizio
Piano, 2018 © Angela Di Finizio
Playground, 2018 © Angela Di Finizio
Point Bar, 2018 © Angela Di Finizio
Dumbo, 2018 © Angela Di Finizio
Awesomeness, 2018 © Angela Di Finizio
House in the river, 2018 © Angela Di Finizio
Seat with a view, 2018 © Angela Di Finizio
Brooklyn Heights, 2018 © Angela Di Finizio
Chairs and the river, 2018 © Angela Di Finizio
project presentation

This is the concept

"Hello this is Angela Di Finizio, I am Italian from Naples and I wish to tell you something about my project Out of The Easy which is part of a research about the relationship of text and image. Out of the Easy - this is one of the opening images - is inspired by Truman Capote the famous American author of "Breakfast at Tiffanys". New Orleans is "the secret place" where he was born and Brooklyn in New York where he chose to live after his great success. Both places are opposite and specular at the same time but they may reveal a charming, emotional cartography full of nuance.These places are actually a creative pretext in order to make this kind of sentimental journey and most of them are likely to be changed so far and this confirms that photography does not represent real time but rather an illusion of present time and this makes the magic of photography because this time suspension never really ends. Images refer to each other, not only they live a previous life but their own destiny is beyond them. After all Baudrillard reminds us that things watch us, think about us, the world reflects us, the world dreams of us. Out of the easy was shot in the Us in 2018 and will soon become a book "