Toshiyuki Shinohara
July 31, 2020
Mino Di Vita
July 31, 2020

Alain Cabrera


Graduated in Art History from the University of Havana, Cuba.

Art critic, curator and photographer. Assistant editor of Artecubano magazine and member of the Unión de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba. On two occasions he received a mention for the "Guy Pérez Cisneros" National Prize for Art Criticism. Invited as a lecturer and panelist on topics related to photography and Cuban art. As an artist, he has made a dozen solo show and numerous group exhibitions in Cuba, Spain, Italy, Germany, United States, Argentina, among other countries. Curator of exhibitions exhibited during different editions of the Havana Biennial, among which Rompiendo reglas stands out, within the "Zona Franca" Project in the San Carlos de La Cabaña Fortress. During the XX week of Italian culture in Cuba he presented the ITA-CUB project within the framework of "Noviembre Fotográfico", an annual international event sponsored by the Fototeca de Cuba and the National Council of Plastic Arts. He was co-curator of Prospettive Emergenti / Perspectivas Emergentes, current trends in Italian photography, shows that it was the genesis of Miradas Compartidas, Emerging Photography Meetings 2019, which seeks to promote diversity of trends, styles and lines of work in contemporary photography.

"The good photographer is the one who lies the truth well".
(Joan Fontcuberta)

Concept presentation

Identity features in contemporary Cuban photography

It is an immense pleasure for me to once again have the curatorial responsibility of the Cuban section in this third edition of the International Photo Project (IPP 2021), an event that has already achieved considerable prestige in the world photography scene. Several nations have participated in previous IPP exhibitions, Italy –as host country–, South Korea, Japan, USA and Cuba. Unlike in 2017, when I made a direct selection with ten names of artists whose works I previously knew (for the occasion under 35 years old) with which to form a plural curatorship, without a defined thematic line, just to present the diversity of styles, poetics and ways of working of its creators, now for the new selection I started from a more democratic idea. A call for entries, launched from social networks to receive for a month the dossiers of all those interested in sending their photographic projects (without age limit, but promoting the most emerging of the demonstration). Of the total, ten representatives would be chosen for this new IPP, a really difficult process due to the quality and quantity of portfolios submitted. Each author participates here with works made for various purposes, mostly as part of a much larger series where the motives, and especially the speeches, are very different. In no case are the proposals clearly subordinate to specific curatorial interests. However, within the wide range that includes documentary photography, conceptual photography, street photography, friction with abstraction, architecture or surrealism, warning of very experimental methods, we can perceive an identity line that is woven through the productions. The “identity” as an extended concept that encompasses the individual-collective from the visual plane tied to their daily life, gender, race, fantasies and demons, social criticism, the memory that from the personal connects with the definitions of nation or country, with repressed creeds and longings. Identity is seen here as that whole that defines us and whose spirit is captured by the subjectivity of each of the artists in full use of their creative faculties. In the midst of the situation that the world has been experiencing for a year, a product of the health crisis caused by Covid-19 and which is already spreading with dangerous outbreaks of the virus today, it has been a wise decision by the organizers, especially Mino Di Vita, insist on the realization of IPP and extend it to the virtual stage respecting social isolation and in several places mandatory confinement. For this, a website was created as a platform for the exhibition of the works and their present and future promotion. There you can find all the pertinent information of the sections that attend: Italy, Japan and Cuba. One more bet for art and for life in times of pandemic. On behalf of the Cuban section, thank you very much. LONG LIVE PHOTOGRAPHY!