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"The dialogue between talents"

Now in its third edition, following its predecessors in 2015 and 2017, International Photo Project is a photography exhibition aimed at bringing together artists of all nationalities. It is a moment of comparison between the poetics that characterize the projects of authors who share the same expressive tool, but belong to different countries. In each edition italian artists will dialogue with artists from different countries who will be invited to participate from time to time. Inserted in a fertile context of new and opposing stimuli, this showcase of great media visibility aims to enhance the emerging talents young and not who have undertaken a personal project path. For all the artists involved, it is an unrepeatable opportunity to get in touch with other cultures similar or completely different from their own, from which to draw inspiration and suggestions to improve their personal technique or to consolidate their artistic beliefs. For the public it is the possibility of admiring the most interesting things available among the photography of the international art scene; a surprising multiple experience that allows the observer to perceive and, perhaps, share the many ideas hidden in the images presented by each author. International Photo Project is also an opportunity to create an international observatory able to monitor the different national poetics present in artistic photography, encouraging the inclusion of authors in the circuit of institutions and galleries.

"Participating Nations"

For the 2021 edition, Italian, Japanese and Cuban artists will be presented. Each nation will present 10 artists with no age limit, each of whom will exhibit a project not necessarily unpublished. The theme is free and this will allow to draw the lines of a possible national trend.
The curator of the Cuban part of the exhibition is Alain Cabrera member of the Consejo Nacional de las Artes Plasticas (CNAP). He is a photography critic and has curated numerous exhibitions and Biennials in Cuba.
The Japanese section is entrusted to Toshiyuki Shinohara, founder of the Tokyo Photography Culture Center within which he has followed many emerging photographers supporting them in the development of their projects. Since 2004 he has opened the gallery Roonee 247 fine arts and teaches at Kyoto Art College.
The curator of the Italian part of the exhibition will be the photographer Mino Di Vita. He has carried out research projects on numerous metropolises in the world, he is the author of photographic books and combines his personal artistic research with a path of curatorial experimentation through the Photo Project Pro project.


The event is also made possible thanks to the partnership with Neo Tech, a leading company in the field of multimedia installations for museums and artistic spaces, which has joined the International Photo Project by hosting the event inside the space owned by The Black Box dedicated to the experimentation of new audio-video tools and the related concept. Photo Project Project and Neo Tech together collaborate to create a photographic exhibition that goes beyond the simple display of images, offering the public a complete visual performance, rich in content consisting of text, video and audio.


"Immersive experience"

The new edition of the International Photo Project is characterized by the use of the most modern technologies in the field of video projection. The vision of the photographs will be realized on large screens that reproduce images projected with Canon LCOS technology, able to offer one of the most qualitative definitions currently available. The setting up of the location, created to take full advantage of the potential of the technologies used, will offer the public an extraordinary immersive experience able to involve the visitor completely. For each country, a video projection will be made on a large screen where the 5 most representative photographs of each project will be projected at intervals of 6 seconds, for a total of 50 photographs in a loop lasting about 5 minutes. On special flyers, distributed among the public, the authors will be identified by a QR code that will refer to their personal pages on the site internationalphotoproject.com where it will be possible to learn more about them.



The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalog in english text, published by Mainland editions, which will include the most representative photo and the poetics of each participating photographer. The format will be 24x24cm, with color pages printed on 150 gr. matt coated paper, soft cover with flaps, in cut paperback.


"How to participate"

International Photo Project is open to artists of all nationalities,
with no age or subject limits.

For each edition, curators invited have the discretion to select 10 artists who will form the designated nation's section.
If you are a curator interested to participate in the next edition please write to:

[email protected]

Artists from countries not represented by a curator can apply during the specific call for International Photo Project that takes place once a year in December. A jury composed of all participating curators will select the ten most interesting and deserving projects
to be included in the "invited artists" section.

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